Spas & Wading Pool

Mont St-Sauveur
Spas & Wading Pool
MSSI Parc Aquatique

‧ 2 350 ft2 wading pool with beach entry and steps ‧

‧ Fountain, waterfall and FireFly jets on the same pump ‧

‧ Duo of spas for a total of 60 places with waterfall ‧

‧ Fully automated mechanichal process ‧

When design and performance come together

We took up the challenge of dressing up the lovely design of PROJET PAYSAGE while taking into account certain space and budget restrictions. We were still able to deliver a project exceeding the minimum performance prescribed by regulation in order to offer a bathing oasis that maximizes safety and comfort, and this, in an environment with very intense bather loads.

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